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I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the last post in Book Marketing Basics. Since it’s something that can be started very early (first in most cases), I wanted to explain how to use social media to your advantage. Also, I’ve received many comments asking how I configure my own social profiles so I’ll go ahead and start with basic ones everyone already knows about.

Facebook and Twitter are perhaps the most well-known social media networks there are. For this reason, we’ll start with them. Most people know how to set up the basic account with these two, so we’re going to focus on what specific content to put on them. When a new account is started, it’s pretty bare. It’s important to get a profile picture up as soon as possible for both. This is because a profile without a picture looks a bit suspicious. Having a picture will sort of put your fans’ minds at ease. It does not necessarily have to be a pic of you. Some authors like to show their newest published work instead. Or a concept worked up by an artist. I like both of these ideas, but know that most fans want to see their author at some point. You can always save a good photo of your work to be used as your banner or background.

Making friends and connecting is another very important step. From the beginning, you should tell everyone interested in your work to follow you on your social profiles. This will help keep them up to date and interacting with you. Next, invite them to invite their friends. Above all, though, be sure to keep your profile environment welcoming. You can do this by greeting new followers. Also, be sure to try to make it clear early how often you intend to interact with them (make posts, answer questions, chit-chat, etc.). One of the reason new authors lose fans is because they start by interacting a lot but then transition into going dark.

The last thing I’d like to leave you with is making more profiles other than Facebook and Twitter. Too often do new authors make these two profiles and then never branch out anywhere else. Like shown in the picture above, there are many different networks you can use to interact with your fan base.

There will be more on this subject soon.
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